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Nico has been involved in martial arts and fitness for over 15 years and has dedicated his life to martial arts and teaching, teaching continuously as a career since the age of 18, training thousands of people changing many lives for the better; he has worked in the Martial arts and fitness industry his whole working career.

Over the last decade he has trained many champions and fighters in BJJ, KB and MMA under Fight Team BMA; Personal trained a multitude of professional athletes to military personnel. Martial artists from South Africa, Poland, Ireland and Scotland have visited Nico’s academy.

He has worked as the head MMA trainer of a number of renowned academies and worked in some of the largest fitness gyms in the UK. Nico founded his own martial arts club and system “BMA” meaning – Bajerski Martial Arts, in 2011, now one of the largest independent martial arts academies. He holds a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Black belt in kick boxing / self defence, and has competed at semi-pro level in MMA / Muay Thai and fought in K1; he has had many matches at the elite level in BJJ GI and No-GI. He has trained with some of the best coaches in the world in their independent fields. Nico took naturally to being a coach and always put being a coach before a fighter; he is now focused on being an elite level coach to fighters, coach to other coaches and implementing BMA far and wide beyond HQ.

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