A testimonial of a mother at my gym, this is powerful, the satisfaction I get from jiu jitsu goes way beyond training students for medals, it’s life…does it get much better? ❤️

Hey Nico, I just want to say how amazed and so emotionally overwhelmed I am at how Casey has changed during his time with you. In only 8/9 sessions he has gone from being unable to touch another child (due to life long sensory issues) to grappling on the mat like it’s his second nature.

I wish you could understand how surprising this is for me, I never thought he would overcome it.

Not only that, it’s only his second week back after lockdown today, and he never leaves my side, yet today he’s stayed with you by himself and I’ve been able to leave him there. I’m so grateful for this confidence that you’ve given him.

The only way is up for him now 💪🏻

Rach Doug

We’ve always told our boys to try to be seen walking away from, but not to let anyone bully them. For the last few weeks This lad had been trying to intimidate Scott making threat to his face and online in a what’s app group. Then last week during PE this lad must have threatened Scott and he must have decided he’d had enough. From Scott’s words he landed a couple of jabs and an uppercut to the other lads face and then attempted to get him in some sort of hold. He’s in tonight so you can him all about it.

The school suspended Scott for 3 days, the other lad got of Scott free. They said Scott must have blindsided the lad to have caused the injuries he did and even asked if he used a weapon.

The school weren’t interested in any online bullying that went on outside school. Until we provided the proof and details. The lad is still yet to receive any punishment from the school.

Laura McLachlan

So I have to message you as Tom had a fight at school today 😭 A lad who has a lot of anger issues started on him 3 times calling him names and goading him and on the 3rd time he pushed Tom into a wall, so he retaliated…

Tom’s version was, a slip (so the lad didn’t get to land a punch on him) then right hook, then he waited and the kid came for him again so he did a push kick then he came again so he kneed him in the face (not that chuffed about that one) and then they got broken up. I’m really glad he had the confidence to stand up for himself and didn’t let this kid get the better of him. Tom in the past has been so frightened to get into a fight, so I am proud of him 👊

Paula Cartner