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We’ve got many affiliate schemes for you to join, and make money promoting our services.

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BMA is one of the worlds leading systems for the combination of elite BJJ / Kick boxing / MMA – that all can be used for sports and self defence – with teacher training, teaching methods and business growth methods, it is the complete system

What’s Included

Firstly, please be aware that we get many applicants to represent BMA – we take great care in who we let represent us, it’s less about background but more about you as a person and willingness to learn and take ownership of our craft. Our affiliation is to help and inspire people. We know as well as anyone that starting in martial arts as a coach is hard, we want to help the right people succeed that deserves our help and friendship.

It’s all about support and pointing you in the right direction, in essence many of the wrong decisions and hard work has already been done for you, and we make it simple and effective.

When we first started we made many mistakes, there are infinite paths you can take in martial arts and some you will be glad you took and some you will regret, and becoming an affiliate with us will safe guard you.

You will be required to spend training time at HQ, and half yearly seminars at your academy.

Why Join Us

* Unique and Highly respected system and brand.
* Join a family and network.
* Clear path and step by step guide to build your business and skills.
* Teacher training at BMA.
* Syllabus programmes.

At BMA head quarters in West Yorkshire – we teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – NoGi – kick boxing and MMA. All our systems are universal – so work to fit well in the cage – ring / mats and for self defence. We have ten years intensive study as to what works best with time tables, when and how much to teach, the how and why, our teachings are proven to bring students from scratch to victory in a short spaces of time, teaching is an art form in its self, at BMA we teach everything to a high level, we make all our arts work for every situation and can be taught to anyone.

What separates BMA is also the community, we make sure all coaches AND students are great people, in the world of martial arts this is so important, you will need to be the right applicant to represent us, you must spend time at HQ to learn our take on the martial arts. Contact now to begin the interview processing.