I have a 2nd Dan Black belt in Judo and have been competitive for over 20 Years; I’ve experienced coaches from grassroots all the way to elite level. Nico is certainly up there with the best of coaches I have come across, demonstrating attention to detail with each person who attends his classes. As a coach, he is open minded and adaptive in his own knowledge to bring new skills and ideas to his Dojo. It is hard to measure success in a world where everyone has different goals however of the many that walk through his door, very little leave and this is testimony to a great coach.

Gareth Holton / Former European Judo Champion

My name is Kieron Cassidy. My greatest martial arts achievement was to receive my dan grade in Shieijyuku Karate in Niigata Japan by Sosai Isao Kimura.
I have won many kickboxing titles and have trained under Nico at Citus MMA and he’s is a fantastic teacher and trainer. He is knowledgeable about many martial arts. He has varied and detailed training methods.

The classes provided are of the highest caliber whilst balancing good intense training with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I was made very welcome from day one. Citus MMA and the people who train there are a credit to Nico and his ability not just as an instructor but as a martial artist. I can not recommend this dojo highly enough for people of all levels.

Kieron Kassidy / Former European Kick Boxing Champion and world contender.

Great coaching & great vibes!

Very rare to find an academy that has nice positive vibes & everyone willing to help each other and willing to share knowledge, advice & improve each other’s game & more importantly no egos present just willingness to learn. Nico is a very good coach & promising future ahead. Highly recommend anyone to join or drop in if travelling through the area, definitely will feel like family.

Peter Ennis / SBG Dublin Ireland, BJJ Blue

I first started out in Shotokan Karate when I was 4, when I was 11 I then Started Bushido Jujitsu. I managed to get a Black Belt in both Karate and Bushido Jujitsu. When I was 16 I also became the British Champion in Bushido Jujitsu. After that I decided to set my mind onto a different challenge this is when I discovered Brazilian Jujitsu. From the first time I trained with Nico I fell in love with it and wished I had of done this all my life. I couldn’t of wished for a better coach either. Nico is very knowledgeable of all aspects of MMA and passes his knowledge on spectacularly. He is always competing and always driving to get better this makes for a better coach as it pushes us as students to get better as well. Since l moved to BJJ I have never come back from a competition without a medal. In 2016 Nico promoted me to BJJ Blue belt. And this achievement is all down to the coaching of Nico.

Mattew Martial / Former British JuJitsu Champion

I started fight sports in 2016 at Citus MMA. I had never been in the ring, in December of that year I won the red belt championship over 55s belt winning via knock out! In 2020 I was given my 4th stripe BJJ belt also.

Coach Nico Bajerski got me at this age to my level, he has unbelievable coaching skills.

Professional and disciplined. Don’t miss out!

Ian Ringrose / British o55 Boxing Champion

I’m 15 and have been kickboxing since I was 6 and got my black belt. I started training at Citus when I was 14 and struggling with my mental health due to family issues. When I was at my lowest point and struggling to find motivation the atmosphere and group of genuine people at citus really helped to escape from this. I have also learnt a lot in a short amount of time because Nico is a brilliant coach and always willing to go the extra mile to help in anyway he can.

Robert Hughes / Kick Boxing Black Belt

I’m 19 and have been training at Citus MMA for just over a year now. Growing up I was heavily involved with gymnastics representing Yorkshire at national competitions since the age of 7.

Over the next half a year I felt like I was an empty vessel and needed a new focus in my life. It felt like I had all the time and energy in the world but no where to spend it. I always wanted to start martial arts but gymnastics prevented me so I began looking for a club to get started. I met someone in the park one day playing football and found out he was training at an MMA gym nearby so I took down the details and dropped Nico a message letting him know I was planning on starting for the new year. I didn’t even know what Jiu Jitsu was before I stepped foot in the gym and was very nervous about my first session. As soon I walked in I felt at ease.

I was Inspired by Nico and what he had done with his martial arts journey which led me to want to start competing. After 3 months I had my first inter club competition where I performed really well winning both my Jiu Jitsu matches which is a reflection on Nico’s coaching abilities. My love for competition was reignited and I had a new direction.

My love for MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kept growing over the year and I was competing consistently with Nico in my corner and winning several gold medals in the white belt divisions. I finished the year winning a cash prize absolute which was my last competition at white belt. I genuinely do not believe I would be anywhere near the level I am now if I walked into any over martial arts gym and am so thankful for the effort Nico has put into me like he does all of the students that train at Citus.

I received my blue belt in BJJ in March just over a year after I first walked into the gym. I don’t know what I’d be doing with my life right now without the guidance Jiu Jitsu gave me and I look forward to the memories I’ll make training at Citus.

Hayden Baldwin / Former British Rank No6 and Yorkshire Gymnastics Champion

I have been a member of Citus MMA since August last year and I can honestly say it has changed my approach to exercise. I have a Physical Education and Dance degree and have always been active at a good level.

Following a change in career I decided to tackle my health and fitness which had had been neglected for a number of years, first training for strength and conditioning and losing 2 stone in weight, this felt good but I missed the competitive element of sport.

After saying I wanted to learn self-defence to a friend, he suggested I try MMA but specifically jiu jitsu and he introduced me to the basics, after that Nico invited me to try one of the classes and within weeks I was hooked! I can honestly say it is the best fully body workout I’ve ever experienced, working my cardio, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and agility.

The atmosphere in class is awesome with a great team spirit and a balance between skill acquisition and the opportunity for testing those skills. Earlier this year I competed for the first time and I had that excitement of putting my training into play and it gave me the determination to keep working hard to be the best athlete I can.

My children are also members and it’s amazing seeing their confidence and ability grow both physically and with the discipline needed for combat sports.  I cannot recommend enough Nico’s excellent coaching skills and welcome anyone who would like to come down to Citus MMA and give it a try.  

Paula Cartner / Former PE Teacher

Ex professional rugby league player played super league for 7 years and semi pro for 6 years. Biggest achievement of mine was playing for Hull FC in the challenge cup final at Wembley.

I joined Citus MMA under Nico as I wanted to stay fit and get into a sport I also love great facility and great set of people down there and are always made to feel welcome.

Jason / Former Professional Rugby Player at Hull FC

Nico is a very knowledgable coach and good at breaking down techniques and making them easier to understand, the Citus gym is a great environment for learning BJJ as everyone is very friendly and focused on getting better.

The skills I learned at Citus were hugely advantageous to me playing rugby as I noticed my core strength, grip strength and mobility all improved.

Jack Stevenson / Scotland u19 Professional Rugby Player

I don’t suppose that are that many trainers that have a profoundly deaf musician with an OBE as their clients, but Nico certainly has one.

It may seem a bit odd a guy with glasses and hearing aids and communication difficulties doing grappling, boxing and kickboxing, and I was initially wary of attending a session with Nico. I’d always liked wrestling but wanted more coaching, then due to an injury he got into other activities as well.

He’s never shown any concerns about communicating with me (for obvious reasons both the glasses and hearing aids come off!) and we very quickly worked out a system of getting info to each other.

Nico is not only a really patient and encouraging coach but also a good listener, especially when I’ve been dealing with mental health and other issues.
If you’re looking for someone to help you get fit then Nico is your guy. Passionate, committed and hard-working, he’ll work you hard too.

I highly recommend him (and who knows, he might get an OBE one day too!)

Paul Whittaker / OBE Award Winner

We have been attending Citus Gym for quite a few years now. I first stumbled across Nico and his business as I was looking for somewhere to improve my MMA training and keep fit at the same time.

Coming from a high end security background, training is a pivotal part of my personal and working life. What can I say – Nico has gone above and beyond.

This place isn’t just a gym, it’s a family.

From the moment I stepped through the door, everyone has been nothing but friendly and welcoming. The classes that are taught are informative as well as fun and they’re something that I look forward to every week. Since Nico has started the children’s classes, we have been sending our 3 children. They have come on in leaps and bounds and absolutely adore everybody there. I feel personally that MMA, in this day and age, is something that is so useful for everyone to know.

Whether it’s just the basics or to help with a profession, Nico will support you all the way and give 100%. Would I recommend the gym? 1000%. Thank you again and keep up the good work – we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Citus family.

Maf Rostenkowski / High End International Security Guard.

I spent about a year living in the area and training here and I can’t say enough good things about the place. The facilities are great and Nico is a fantastic coach. He’s very detail oriented and has a very laid back style of coaching. he was always happy to answer questions and kind to the new people coming into the gym.

My favorite thing about him was he never asked us to do anything he wouldn’t do himself and often joined sessions. Even though it was often his second or third of the day.

Overall after trying a couple less than great places in the Halifax area I can wholeheartedly recommend this place!

Grant Taylor / British Military

Hi my name is Matthew, and I suffer from mental health. I have the disability Scziophernia. This affects me because I hear voices in my head this is constant throughout the day, but gets worse at times. The voices I hear are very loud, quite horrible, and nasty and very much in my head .when I hear voices I have to isolate myself go to bed and just lie there suffering. I take medication in the form of clozapine, this medication helps a lot. I take 100ml in the morning and 250ml at night.

I attend Nico’s citus mma gym,I go there 3 times a week.this gym ran by Nico is a excellent gym – its nice, cool, fresh, and a great place to be. Nico makes me feel so welcome, and he makes the gym sessions so much fun.this helps my mental health so much because I feel normal in nicos gym.i enjoy every session, but I struggle to attend the night classes, this is because of my mental health and feeling nervous.

Matthew Burns

I started with Citus MMA and BJJ Halifax and Nico when I was at my lowest point of my life just out of hospital from a suicide attempt and deep in depression train with Nico saved my life and got me through a dark part of my life and I made a friend for life anybody who wants to train and just get mentally and physically better there is no where better than Citus and no one better to help you than Nico.

Tony / Lifesaving Changing Testimonial

Nico’s attention to detail and passion for all forms of martial arts make him a great coach. Fantastic gym all round filled with a really good bunch of people and great training.

Daniel Bladon / Former British Downhill Mountain Biking Champion

I’ve been training at Citus MMA under Nico for nearly 3 years now, it’s a great gym not only due to the quality of the coaching but also because of the size of training area available, free weights section, octagon & changing facilities. Very friendly atmosphere with a ride variety of abilities & backgrounds.

Great gym, try it for yourself.

Chad Godfrey / Paramedic and Territorial Army

Nico has taken my game to the next level. Nico prepped me for my first boxing about and years later prepped me for my first MMA bout. His well rounded multi-dicipline knowledge and expertise in the science and art of fighting is second to none. His technical analysis, sharp mind, and tailored workouts are excellent and importantly, really enjoyable! I’ve been to many gyms and coaches in London and the quality of Nico’s training is every bit just as good if not better. Highly recommend.

Josh Lindl / London Manager at FSTM

Whether you join Citus for competition, fitness or stress relief reasons, you’ll never look back. I’ve found Coach Niko to be a very technical instructor with a natural ability to break down techniques in such a manner that a beginner will grasp the concept with ease.

It’s been brilliant to see the gym grow so rapidly – offering classes for beginners, children, old-timers, you name it. You’ll leave each class feeling completely worked over, exhilarated and keen to return.

Aquid Hamid / Founder of TC International

I haven’t been at Citus long, but it genuinely doesn’t feel like that.
I don’t have a black belt or outstanding record but yet, I’ve been made to feel like a valued member of the team regardless.

Nico displays all the hallmarks of a great coach. He’s a phenomenal fountain on knowledge, he teaches his students how to be respectful and disciplined inside and outside the gym, and as well treating each and every single one of his students as individuals and not just another £40 a month punch bag for his top guys. You would think that should be the case with all gyms… but sadly, it is not.

I was a cocaine and opioid addict from the age of 17. Its taken nearly 12 years to get into a place where I can call myself recovered. Finding Citus is a main factor in this.

Addiction stems from finding it hard to fit in and feeling like I wasn’t good enough. This place have alleviated these insecurities and I’ve gained such confidence in such a short space of time.

My only regret is not finding this place years ago; life may have been extremely different.

Luke Hemingway / Athlete

Hi I brought my boys to train last night, just wanted to say they absolutely loved and can’t wait for next Wednesday.

My eldest lacks confidence a bit so I took him to boxing last week to see if it would help him, he was taped on the chin and kicked three times by the coach… he was devastated when he left so he was reluctant to come to MMA last night thinking the coach would be mean.

Just wanted to say thank you because it couldn’t have gone any better for him 👍

Lauren White / Parent